Our Story

Dearest started with one simple mission: to bring education and child care together. Founded by Eiko Nakazawa, Dearest came about both from a place of passion and frustration. After having her first child, Eiko needed to find childcare that could provide the enrichment she would have given her son herself. She quickly became frustrated. The existing child care services gave her the time to pursue her professional life, but lacked a focus on the little one’s cognitive, social and emotional development. Eiko realized that other parents were facing the same problem. Determined to bring her passion for early childhood education to a service that needed it most, Eiko set up shop at Columbia’s Startup Lab to found Dearest, a pioneer in next generation childcare.

Dearest leverages intelligent technology and the knowledge of experts from the world’s top educational programs to bring the most enriched child care to parents who don’t want to settle for a lackluster child care experience. At Dearest, we’re obsessed with the child’s experience. We know how critical early years are in any person’s development. That’s why we hand-select top-tier teachers and passionate educators to provide child care combined with fun individualized activities that teach young children fundamentals in STEM, literacy, creative arts and languages. Dearest also documents and tracks the little one’s development, so parents never miss out on childhood’s most important milestones.

In short, we’re the child care experience you (and your little one) have been waiting for.

Join Dearest and be a part of the next generation of child care.

Our Team