Book with confidence! Our lead teachers come from top programs with experience delivering differentiated instruction and activities tailored to each student.
No need to run around the city to give your little ones the best enrichment possible! We deliver the best learning experience directly to your home.
Every child learns differently. That's why we personalize the classes according to your child’s learning interests, level, and needs.
Choose the day and time that works best for your schedule. You can cancel or reschedule classes within 24 hours.
Sharing learning moments has never been more fun! Invite friends to join the classes and pay less per child.
how it works
Exciting learning experience delivered to your home, at the time that works for your family.
Classes will be a fun-filled learning experience customized to your little one’s interests. Invite friends to join.
Each class comes with a report. Your lead educator will design the next class to create more learning moments with your child!
“We are so happy we found Dearest! The lead teacher was very engaging and fun. She is a natural yet professional. With just the first class, my 2-year-old already understood the concept of rhythm. She even gave us advice on how I can expose my son to music more! We are now booking regular music classes with Dearest!” - Mikako
“Thanks to our lead teacher’s sweet and intelligent approach, my son’s reading and writing skills have significantly improved. Not only that, we have also started piano lessons with Dearest, which have been going very well. My son likes his teacher very much and looks forward to seeing her every week!” - Alison
“The Art Class was terrific! My son was completely engaged and enthralled the entire time. The teacher brought a Maya Angelou book - the story and fabulous art illustrations were used as an inspiration for the class. My son did a fabulous 3D painting project! Now, I do not have to travel to bring my son to Art classes. We’ll just be booking with Dearest!” - Jen

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Tired of running around the city for classes? We bring personalized classes to your home.

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