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Personalized education
delivered to your home

The quality of early childhood experience determines your child’s future well-being. Access the best learning experience that supports your unique lifestyle.
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    Highly-qualified educators
    A team of dedicated early childhood experts brings the best learning & care experience to your child
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    Research-based Dearest curriculum
    Our educators use fun and developmentally appropriate content designed with your child’s future in mind
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    Easy sharing with up to 3 other students
    By sharing the experience with 2 to 3 other families, you pay less for our flexible, small-group programs

Community of passionate educators

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    Carefully selected through our rigorous 7-step screening process, including in-person interviews and practical assessments
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    Proven track record of quality teaching and childcare experience
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    Background and reference checked
Passionate Educators
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Acceptance Rate
Columbia Teachers CollegeHunter CollegeBank Street CollegeJulliardStandfordCornell University

How it works

Step 1



Choose the ideal in-home
educator for your child based on their interests and needs

Step 2



Meet your child's expert
educator in your home and let
the learning begin!

Step 3



Save money through educator sharing with up to three
other friends

Select your

in-home educators

Afterschool Teachers

Dearest Educator

Focused learning with options for pick-up and childcare

Educational Sitters

Dearest Educator

Babysitting combined with educational activities

Educational Nannies

Dearest Educator

Quality care focused on your child's development

Future-ready curriculum designed for your child

Our research-based approach draws from the latest findings from top education institutions and is uniquely designed to give your child the tools to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

Our students attend

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Support your child’s unique learning

Every child learns differently. That’s why it’s important to personalize the content and approach for each child. We do this by tracking each session with learning report, and using the report and the evidence of mastery to plan the next sessions.
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Exceptional quality made affordable

Top NYC educators bringing research-based curriculum to your home may sound like a dream. But by sharing with up to 3 other students, our sessions become radically affordable.
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Find your village

The fragmented world of early childhood care and education can feel overwhelming. But it doesn't have to. Using Dearest, you can connect with other families and friends and co-create the best experiences for your child.

Find the best program for your child!

Tell us what you are looking for and our education coordinators will be in touch.