Making parents’ lives easier

Founded out of Columbia University’s Startup Lab, Dearest was created to solve the most pressing problem parents face today: limited accessibility of high-quality early education and care.
The true cost of finding and managing trusted parenting support is rarely acknowledged. And it’s that emotional and financial burden which forces millions of parents out of the workforce each year.
Our parent-tech company makes high-quality early learning, childcare, and parenting support accessible by helping employers subsidize those costs for their working families, in an effort to create a more equitable future.

Our core business pillars

  • Parenting Support System

    From pregnancy and childcare to school admissions and work-life balance, every parenting journey is uniquely challenging. Dearest delivers a customized support system that matches families with the best vetted specialists and services for their individual needs- making it easier for parents to manage their family lives, wellness, and careers.
  • Online Education Services

    Teachers have a profound and lifelong effect on learning. And that’s why we onboard only the best. Our online marketplace of vetted teaching experts and our on-demand academy make it possible for families to access top tier learning experiences.
  • Parent-Tech Investment

    Technology has made our data-driven, personalized parenting support and high-quality education accessible to families around the world. We develop, and invest in, innovative parent-tech solutions that disrupt the high-touch, fragmented, and outdated parenting sector.

Key products & services

Employee Wellness Benefit for Parents

Dearest Educator

Our monthly corporate program includes unlimited 1:1 parenting support from vetted experts, access to parenting perks, and options for employer subsidized education.

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Marketplace for online tutoring by experts

Dearest Educator

Our learning marketplace helps parents book private online sessions taught by an elite team of teachers who provide academic enrichment and personalized support.

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On-demand academy for future-ready skills

Dearest Educator

Dearest Academy helps families access on-demand courses that build future-ready and critical thinking skills that aren’t taught in traditional classrooms.

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