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Dearest's wellness benefit provides working families with on-demand support from a team of experts, from childcare and preschool consultants to back-to-work and wellness coaches, to help companies attract, retain, and engage top talent.
  • Build your brand

    86% of women and 73% of men reported that a company's diversity, equity, and inclusion practices impact their job application decisions. Define your company culture and strengthen your brand by offering support that truly helps working parents balance their dual responsibilities.
  • Retain your best employees

    Burnout from managing a home, a career, and childcare are among the top reasons why valued employees leave the labor force. Provide a robust back-to-work and parenting benefit and keep your valued talent in your workplace.
  • Drive higher performance

    Build a high-performing team of happier, healthier, and loyal employees. Supporting working families results in increased efficiency, productivity, and loyalty, in both the short- and long-term.

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Experts in education, wellness, and HR
Curated perks with personalized discounts
Flexible monthly plan, $0 set-up fee
98.1 parent's satisfaction score (NPS)
Our goal is to create an environment where every employee feels supported in their personal and professional lives, and feel excited to show up for work every single day.
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