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Enhance your skills when crafting personalized activities for the little ones.
Set your own schedule and earn extra income while sharing your passions and skills.
Connect and collaborate with like-minded educators from different fields.
Opportunities for professional development and additional perks from our Top Educator Program.
Minimum qualifications
Teaching and Childcare Experience
Passion for Early Childhood Education
Bachelor’s Degree from Accredited College or University
Speech Pathology Masters Student at Hunter College
“Dearest is not only allowing me to expand my interests in teaching children but also extremely flexible with its scheduling option. I love being able to design my own lesson plans for families and seeing how much the kids enjoy it! Dearest is also very receptive to ideas from providers like me and is quick to respond to any concerns. I definitely hope to continue working with Dearest throughout my graduate school career and afterward!”
Teach for America Corp Member and K-12 Teacher
"Working with Dearest has been an inspiration. Education is the key to a brighter future as many say. My role as an educator is to provide techniques and tools to help children develop their skills and create their own path to success. It is always great to see the children I educate thrive with the help that I can provide them. I am happy to work with a company who sees the importance of educating children in even the simplest ways."
Early Childhood Teacher
"Joining the Dearest Community is a highlight of my long career in Early Childhood Education. This is a true community of involved families, administration of the highest quality, educators and children! There is an enthusiasm and excitement that is often missing in today's educational climate. Dearest offers me the support to take workshops as diverse as STEM, coding, everyday mathematics and time lapse photography! And the flexibility of my schedule allows for deeper involvement, the time and the space to research and plan integrated lessons for the children we serve. I observe the children bonding with one another over shared interests. Lessons with toddlers can last well into an hour! Once during a session with a five year old girl who figured out the challenge of constructing a pop-up book, she exclaimed, 'This is exciting!'"