Educational Childcare
On top of safety, we look out for your child’s development. When 90% of the brain develops before the age of 5, it’s crucial to find the right people who can provide excellent childcare while helping your child achieve developmental milestones.
Finding trustworthy sitters takes a great deal of time and effort. That’s why we do the background check, reference checks, practical tests, and in-person interviews for you!
Dearest educators are not just babysitters. They are early childhood experts. Every session includes activities that are curated to support your child’s unique development.
Find an educator that works with your schedule, book and pay through your account. With just a click, you can cancel or modify the bookings.
More sessions, more personalized learning moments! Your feedback and the learning reports help us design better experiences to support your child’s growth.
how it works
Search by availability or learning interests. Whether it’s for a part-time sitter or homework help, our educators have proven childcare and teaching experience.
Set up your account and let our educators customize each session based on your preferences and your child’s interests.
Track your child’s progress with the learning reports. Our education coordinator monitors every session and suggests the right content for your child.
What Parents are Saying
“Every single person we've hired using Dearest has been fantastic. I love that they are experienced, intelligent, and are excited about helping my kids learn through fun activities.” - Jessica
“Dearest is a game changer. I have learned so much from our educators and coordinators about how best to support my son's development. They helped him set the grounds for thriving in the top G&T program in the city.” - Carl
“I love Dearest. Dearest has the highest-quality babysitters in NYC. The value of having a teacher for a sitter was evident from the very first session. We spend a lot on schools and toys, and it only makes sense not to compromise on the person who spends so much time with my kids.” - Louis
“Vanessa is always on time and knows how to interact with my 4.5 and 2.5-year-old. My kids are always looking forward to the sessions with her because they are fun and her activity ideas are very creative. They learn so much!” - Margaux
“Gabrielle was smart, kind, and incredibly attentive to our little one. As new parents, we were anxious about leaving our daughter, but Gabrielle's professionalism put us right at ease. She clicked immediately with my child, and they jumped right into books and play. Highly recommended!” - Marie