Future-ready curriculum

The World Economic Forum estimates that 65% of children starting elementary school will end up in jobs that don’t exist today. At Dearest, we are using technology and research from the world’s top programs to redefine early childhood learning, helping your child develop and strengthen the skills needed to achieve their dreams.





Expand your child’s potential with a proven approach


Dearest educators use research-based curriculum that are filled with fun learning projects, to build and strengthen your child’s foundation for future learning. Every activity is student-centered, interactive, and designed to promote critical thinking, creativity and self-direction.


There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to learning, especially in the early years. We have a low student-to-teacher ratio (4:1), allowing lessons to be tailored to your child’s unique interests.


We listen, observe, and encourage children to follow their natural interests and passions. As opposed to a regimented approach, Dearest educators will co-create learning moments with your child to foster a love of learning, leadership skills, and independence.

Build a solid foundation for lifelong learning

Our programs incorporate a project-based, personalized, and child-centered approach to learning. Dearest educators focus on the skills that your child will need in the future. Our innovative content and progressive approach, focuses on building a strong educational foundation for your child.

  • Integrating structured learning into play-based activities will help your child build the skills necessary for self-regulation, goal-oriented problem solving and school-readiness. We will focus on waiting ones turn, completing tasks, controlling impulses, following simple rules, and cooperating with other children.
  • We use open-ended questions, storytelling, and interactive circle time to foster and encourage your child’s curiosity and emergent language and literacy skills.
  • Gross and fine motor skills will be developed through a variety of activities such as exploring different art mediums (painting, coloring, drawing, cutting, etc.) and movement (dancing, yoga, etc.). Fine motor skills have been identified as a predictor of later academic achievement and the development of gross motor skills helps support physical development and mindfulness.
    • Grissmer, D., Grimm, K. J., Aiyer, S. M., Murrah, W. M., & Steele, J. S. (2010). Fine motor skills and early comprehension of the world: Two new school readiness indicators. Developmental Psychology, 46(5), 1008-1017. http://dx.doi.org/10.1037/a0020104
  • Problem-solving, exposure to new tasks, and knowledge construction enhance children’s understanding of mathematics as they progress developmentally. Dearest educators focus on developmentally advanced math concepts such as measuring, sorting and classification, and recognizing patterns.
  • Social and emotional development is important as children begin to recognize, and are expected to understand emotions. By incorporating music, art, and movement in Dearest’s daily activities, children will learn how to manage emotions independently, explore feelings and self-expression, and interact with children as well as adults.

Find a program for your unique needs

School Readiness Program

[2 - 4 years]

This semester-long, in-home program is taught by a high-quality Dearest Educator and focused on supporting children's language skills, number sense, social skills, self-regulation, and executive functioning.
3 - 4 students per group | 3-hour sessions | Hosted by one of the participating families | Options for 2 or 3 days a week, AM (9am-12pm) or PM (3pm-6pm) | Progress Reports sent at the end of each class

After-school Program

[PreK - Grade School]

Accelerate your child’s learning with our specialized after-school programs designed to deepen your child's conceptual understanding while promoting creativity and a growth mindset.
3 - 4 students per group | 3 - 6pm | Semester-based | In the hosting student’s home | Option of pick-up available | Reports & milestone tracking

Dearest signature classes

Little Engineers: Design Thinking, STEM, and Coding

Based on Stanford d.school’s method in design thinking, kids will explore basic prototyping concepts as we take them through a series of educational yet fun projects surrounding design thinking, STEM, and coding. Whether it’s creating a spaceship to take the alien back to space, decoding secret messages to solve the case, or building a boat to save a shipwreck, this class aims to cultivate a logical and innovative mindset and spark curiosity through brainstorming and taking ideas from concept to execution.

Global Citizens: Global Awareness and Social Innovation

Designed based on our own Dearest Global Awareness Curriculum including the 5 key aspects: Local, National, and Global; Intercultural Awareness; Empathy and Perspective Awareness; Language Arts; Social Impact. Each class is an immersive experience as students listen to music from different countries, learn about maps and flags, and hear stories about different cultures through project-based activities that foster creativity. The curriculum is designed to instill a global citizenship mindset and help adapt to the changing world. Every student will receive an interactive passport to keep track of all their “travels.”

Creative Makers: Process-driven Mindfulness Art

We encourage self-expression and imagination through learning different mediums, techniques, and artists. Every session is an open explorative environment where children learn how to regulate their emotions, be aware of their bodies, and observe their surroundings with the focus on making, rather than the end product.

Language Immersion (Mandarin & Spanish)

Dearest Languages Curriculum takes an immersion and project-based approach to help students achieve higher levels of fluency and proficiency. Early childhood is the best time for language acquisition. Our research-based approach utilizes this opportunity to start developing the foundation for the child’s multilingualism.

Accelerated Learning: G&T Prep

The Dearest’s approach to G&T Prep is not solely focused on worksheets. On top of the cognitive development of the child, we also promote socio-emotional growth, which we believe is as important because with the many options available, ultimately, parents want their children to become independent and school-ready. We design interactive and hands-on projects that incorporate Art and Music and advanced concepts in Science, Math, and Literacy, to help the students build the necessary skills and knowledge for the G&T Test.

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