Transform your building with children’s programming

Power your property with Dearest children’s programming and build a community that families can’t live without.
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    Acquire new tenants
    with our unique, curated programming
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    Generate high returns
    by increasing resident engagement and retention
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    Build your brand
    by providing one-of-a-kind lifestyle amenity focused on quality

Curated programming for your community

Dearest Educator and kids
Children’s Classes and Events
From afterschool STEM to space-themed pajama nights, bring unique learning experiences to your community
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Dearest Family Specialists
Our trusted early childhood experts support your families and manage sessions from start to end
Dearest Educator
Engagement & Marketing
Our community marketing includes engagement tools, targeted content, and tenant lead generation

Hire the experts in early childhood experience

A trusted team of 250+ early childhood experts

Our team is dedicated to your building, supporting your families to build a community they can’t live without.

Unique experience that sets your building apart

From design thinking, accelerated learning, to mindfulness art, our proven curriculum is designed to meet the needs of NYC parents.
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Common questions

  • What’s included in the programming?
    We offer monthly programming that includes innovative kids’ classes, drop-off events, as well as childcare and education support. It is designed to help buildings retain and acquire family tenants through a differentiated lifestyle amenity.
  • Where are these classes and events held?
    We transform open spaces into child-friendly learning environment. The programs can be held in community spaces, screening rooms, office spaces, vacant units, playspaces, and other recreational spaces.
  • Who are Dearest Family Specialists?
    Dearest Family Specialists are our Educators who teach and facilitate the building programming. They are highly-qualified teachers who have undergone our rigorous 7-step vetting process.
  • How much does it cost?
    The monthly fee of programming varies based on the frequency and duration of classes and events. Email us at for more information and for the first month pilot discount.

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