About the program

Many little ones experience separation anxiety and a steep social-emotional learning curve when they first enter kindergarten. Our program helps to ease that transition and equip your child with the cognitive and non-cognitive skills that will help them throughout their academic journey.
2, 3, or 5 days per week | 3-hour sessions | AM/PM options
  • 4:1 Student-Teacher Ratio
    Dearest educators create a personalized and educational experience for your child
  • Experienced Lead Teachers
    Hand-picked top educators with proven track record of engaging young learners
  • Cost-Effective
    Families save 25‑50% with the In‑Home classes that eliminate the high cost of classroom rent


The School Readiness Program is a project-based, personalized, and child-centered approach to learning. Our innovative content is aligned to New York State Standards and focuses on key areas of child development to help build a strong educational foundation for your child.
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  • Executive Function
  • Numeracy
  • Language
  • Social Emotional
  • Motor
  • NYS Standards

Typical day with Dearest

What to expect

  • Individualized lessons geared towards the interests and curiosities of your child
  • Daily classroom reports from a Dearest Educator
  • Personalized achievement updates from Dearest at the end of each semester
  • Support from Dearest early childhood experts

Why choose Dearest?

  • Dearest vs Daycares
    Dearest's early childhood educators are more than caregivers; they are teachers who are adept at creating engaging lessons to uniquely support their students' rapidly developing minds.
  • Dearest vs Private Preschools
    Due to our small student-teacher ratio (4:1), students receive more individualized attention and personalized activities. Dearest Educators scaffold classroom learning to meet the needs of every child in their small group.
  • School Readiness Program vs Tutoring
    Our program fosters a safe and nurturing environment for children to interact with other little ones and build their social skills. Having exposure to working with others at a young age helps to soften the intimidation of being in a large class size in the future.
  • 3-Hour Program vs Full-day
    Every child is unique. For some children, gently easing into the structure and rigor of a full-day program is more beneficial to, and supportive of, their development. Having more time at home also gives parents the opportunity to enjoy quality time with their little ones before school starts.

Start the program by hosting

Enjoy host discounts for the semester and the ability to customize the program to fit your schedule

  • Frequency (2, 3, or 5 times per week)
  • Select class dates and time

All you need to do is provide a living room/play space and have at least one more student to join your group

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